This one’s actually based on what happened when I left London Electricity. After several phonecalls & letters asking me to stay, I rang them again to let them know I was definitely moving my account & asked them not to contact me again. A couple a days later, yet another letter arrived with a form asking me to detail the reasons why I was leaving & asking me to reconsider. I scrawled the words “I’VE HAD PSYCHO EX-GIRLFRIENDS WHO WERE EASIER TO GET RID OF THAN YOU LOT” & returned it.

Also, I’ve tweaked the site a bit. You can now vote on the cartoons – woohoo. Don’t know if I’ll keep it – it looks a bit gimmicky. But we’ll see – if I get some idea of what cartoons are more popular, I’ll try to more in that vein. I’ve tweaked how you can share the site (with Stumbleupon, Digg etc). And (drumroll please) you can now follow me on Twitter (yes, my life is that interesting).