Wow, what a crazy week. First I get a plug from channelATE (cheers Ryan) and then my cartoon The Undead, after a bit of success with Stumbleupon, got picked up by Reddit too and ended up at No.2 on Reddit’s comics page, just behind Wonderwark – gah! Now I know how Ultravox felt about Joe Dolce (nice 80s reference there for my UK readers). It peaked on Wednesday when I got over 16,000 hits and it lead to some lively discussion, as you can see from my comments page & it’s Reddit comments page. I know it’s probably not cool to go on about your own cartoon’s success, but I’m very new to all this and found it very exciting. I seem to have picked up a few more sunscribers too, so “hello there & welcome” if you’re new, hope you like the place. It’s nice to get some attention, but I’m kinda hoping things calm down a bit this week & I don’t foresee today’s cartoon causing too much controversy. It’s yet another one that I’ve redrawn from my Facebook page (I’m running out of those & will have to start thinking up some new ideas soon). I really must practice drawing women – even from the back, she looks like a fella with a wig on.