Some of you might not waste quite as much time as I do idly surfing the internet and may not be aware of this annoying meme. Basically, there are people still think it’s hilarious to write “Shopped!” underneath a picture (any picture) regardless of how likely that it has actually been photoshopped or not. These people also think it’s still funny to shout “Freebird” at concerts. I’ll admit that the first couple of times I came across “Shopped!”, I giggled at the sheer ridiculousness of it, but its brief window of funniness is long gone. Now, I just observe the trampled mess it has become and think to myself “This used to be a joke?” And the people who type it are exposing themselves as drooling sheep who are incapable of any original thought. Probably a slight overreaction to what is, after all, just a feeble attempt at humour, but, like I said, I spend far too much time idly surfing and should do something a little more constructive with my time (which reminds me, those doilies aren’t going to crochet themselves).

P.S. I’ve agreed to do a guest comic for the ever-so-slightly-off-its-rocker y2cl . It should appear in July and I’m very excited about doing my first ever guest comic (but basically I was just too scared to say no to this man).

P.P.S. People who type “First!” can piss right off’n'all.