I’m feeling a bit better and realised that as long as I update sometime on Friday, I won’t officially have missed my deadline, I’ll just have posted very late (Hey, Zach Weiner does it all the time). Last week’s cartoon about Milton got such a great response that I’m thinking about giving him his own strip. Usually, if I’m feeling prolific, I have maybe 2-3 half-decent cartoon ideas in a week, but since I wrote Milton, I’ve had about 15-20 more ideas. He has obviously triggered something in my head and is a character that I’m very keen to develope. However, I just don’t have the time at the minute to start drawing two strips. I don’t want to abandon DJBogtrotter and I want to do Milton properly, so they’ll be no rushing it. My plan is to simplify my approach to DJBogtrotter (hence no colour) to give me some time to plan the Milton strip. I’m even going to try to build that mythical grail of the webcomic – a buffer (I’ve heard they exist, but I’ve never seen one myself). After the summer I should have a bit more free time and hope to launch a Milton website in 3-6 months.

My webcomic recommendation for this week is Cat and Girl – here’s one that covers similar ground to this week’s cartoon.

And finally, DJBogtrotter is now 6 months old, so happy 1/2th birthday to me.