And the winner of the “Bad Pun Contest” is……..

Evan from Graycontrast.

But I’d like to thank Luke Surl, Busalonium, Roy Blumenthal & Andy Brown for taking the time to enter. I think I might have had a few more entries if I’d managed to not confuse you all with a pun that only a few people would understand. Evan gets a free print of one of my cartoons for his efforts, but I hope to be able to offer them to you all (to buy), just as soon as I figure out the best way to go about this. If there are any webcomic artists who sell prints reading this, I’d love to hear any advice you might have.

I’m also planning on taking part in 24 Hour Comics Day on Saturday October 3rd. You’re supposed to produce a 24 page comic from scratch, but I think I’ll combine internet ideas and use the time to attempt the 200 Bad Comics Challenge which artists like Nedroid & KC Green have already done. I got the idea from ChannelAte and he’s already made a start on his. Any other webcomic artists fancy joining us? I’ll be on Twitter for the day and posting the results both to Twitter and my blog. Should be fun. (And given that I’m a 40+ dad with kids, I reckon mine will be more like a 16-18 Hour Comics Day)

Finally, the webcomic I reckon you should direct your seeing orbs towards this week is the delightful Cowbirds in Love.