This is the cartoon that I was going to publish last week but had a late change of heart about. I decided that it just wasn’t funny enough and that, despite what I said in my original post, I didn’t want to jump on the anti-Twilight bandwagon without having read or seen anything from the series. So instead I posted Science (which was rather hastily drawn as a result). I think that this is a good sign for my writing, as a few months ago I probably just would have posted it anyway with a promise to myself to try harder the following week. Anyway, I thought I’d let you have a look at it and you can let me know if I made the right choice or not. Beneath is the cartoon and the text that I was planning to post with it:


I had decided not to slag off a film that I hadn’t actually seen yet, but this cartoon and post from For The Reels convinced me otherwise. I don’t have a problem with a vampire movie that’s popular with preteen girls (it’s no bad thing). I don’t have a problem with a story that plays fast and loose with the idea of what a vampire is and isn’t. There aren’t (and shouldn’t be) any concrete rules on these things. But, goddammit, vampires shouldn’t sparkle. They. Just. Shouldn’t. Anyway, I know that I’m not exactly they first person to point this out and I very much doubt I’ll be the last, but some things just need repeating and repeating until everybody gets the point. Okay, end of sermon.

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