Yes, this is a real thing. Find out more about the abominable objects here. They also go under the name of ‘The Snuggie’. Are people now so lazy, that using a blanket is a hassle? Okay, don’t answer that. I guess we already know. And have people no self respect. I mean, what kind of doofus thinks they look good in one of these things? Oh, right.

My lovely wife helped with the writing on this one, so big shout out to my main sham, Alison (thanks my dear).

I can’t believe I’ve been running this webcomic for over a year now and I still haven’t recommended Dr McNinja to you all. How remiss of me. Let me correct that oversight right now by suggesting you move your mouse to here, y’know, if it’s not too much effort. You’d be missing out on a real treat if you don’t. If you’ve never seen it before, you’ll have to to go to the start of a story for it to make any sense.