I know I’m not exactly prolific. It’s going to be a while before I match y2cl‘s mighty target of 1000 comics (congrats John btw), but I’ve realised that I’m spending too much time trying to maintain my schedule of one cartoon a week here and two a week for my new webcomic Milton’s Life. As a result, I’ve been rushing the drawing and writing on some cartoons (exhibits A, B and C) and I’ve posted jokes that are just funny enough, rather than ones that tickled me so much that I just had to share them with you. Also, getting the comics done has sometimes become a chore rather than a pleasure. I already have enough stress and obligations at work and home without voluntarily adding to them with a hobby that should just be fun. So, I’m going to take a little break from DJ Bogtrotter. The comic will be back on Friday May 14th (just in time for Dialogue Free Webcomics Day) and after that I will only post when I’ve finished a cartoon that I’m happy with. I’ll aim for once a fortnight, but won’t beat myself up if I fail to maintain that schedule. In the meantime, I plan to blog a little bit more with quick cartoons and sketches. Thanks to everyone who’s subscribed. I’m really chuffed with all the kinds words and comments I’ve had since starting DJ Bogtrotter. Hope the new slow schedule isn’t too annoying. I’d rather attempt to maintain a reasonably competent standard than add to the almost infinite unfunny internet webcomic mountain.

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