One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about starting up a webcomic is getting involved in the thriving online community attached to it. Through forums and Twitter, I’ve discovered many other webcomics and gotten to ‘know’ (in a very 21st century, online kind of way) many other webcomic artists and creators. One such guy is David Shirley, known as t_iii on Twitter, and he started his webcomic Fera at around the same time I started this (early 2009). But instead of crudely drawn cartoons and cheap gags, he’s producing an epic steam-punk/fantasy webcomic. Fera follows the exploits of a rag tag group of would-be heroes as they embark on a journey that will take them across their homeworld and beyond. Set on the lost planet of Mu, which recently reappeared in the skies above a war-torn future Earth (12 millenia after its mysterious disappearance).

So, check out the archives and if you like what you see, you can tell him in person at The London Film & Comic Con where he’ll be making his very first convention appearance.

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