Only one cartoon in the last three months (how did that happen?) and I roar back with a cartoon that probably 90% of my readership won’t get. Way to go. For the uninitiated, the final panel is an iconic image of the England football team winning the World Cup in 1966. The country that invented football had finally grasped its most glorious prize. Since then their repeated attempts to recapture those glory days have foundered on repeated instances of poor refereeing, substandard goalkeeping, a general cack-handedness in front of goal and, most importantly, an inability to get a talented squad to play to their full potential. Their best attempt since then was a semi-final appearance in 1990, which they only managed through an easy draw, late late goals and a couple of fortunate penalties and this time they couldn’t even beat the Yanks, a team who insist on spelling the beautiful game s-o-c-c-e-r (I tease of course, I know the USA are a pretty good team these days). The gap between what they were and where they floundered in the following years can, I believe, only be explained by the intervention of the Dark Lord himself. It’s either that or that they’re a bunch of overrated, overpaid and overexposed mediocrities who’s failure to recognise the size of the task before them, who’s inability to adapt to the modern game and who’s baseless belief that surely sometime, it will be “their time” to win it, means that they’re doomed to repeatedly fail (and that can’t be true, can it?)

Finally, it doesn’t update very often, but when it does, it’s usually pretty frikkin’ hilarious: Moe

(I can particularly recommend this one)

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