Draw Until It’s Funny is an excellent new webcomic from Justin Boyd (co-creator of Left-Handed Toons) and Ryan Hudson (creator of ChannelATE). And here’s the idea is their own words:

“It’s pretty simple. Every comic starts with a random line of dialogue or some little idea for the first panel. Beyond that, we have no idea where it’s all gonna end up. Some comics take more panels than others but once they are funny, we stop drawing and post it!

On weekends, you’ll hopefully see guest posts from other webcomicers! As long as we have the submissions, we will be posting one every weekend!  A little treat for everyone.”

And guess what? It’s me who’s on it this weekend. And you can see what I DUIF’d (cool acronym, it’s bound to catch on) right here.

So if you have a webcomic, get one in there and you could be the next DUIFer (see, I told you it would catch on).

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