Hey everybody – notice the new link in the menubar? Yes, that’s right, I’ve now got a shop, so you can pay to have like real paper copies of all the stuff that I give you for free. I know you’re all just itching to shower me with your hard-earned cash. If you’re a UK resident, you can go to this shop (which is hosted on my other webcomic Milton’s Life) and if you’re from anywhere else, you should head to this shop. And if you’re a UK resident and you want to buy stuff not just for yourself but as Xmas presents for all your friends, then as long as I get your order in by Thurs 15th (yes, this Thursday), then I’ll get Santa to drop it off. If you’re from anywhere else and you want stuff for Xmas, sorry, but I screwed up and didn’t get the shop ready in time. You could just buy some really, really early presents for 2012 though. Happy browsing shoppers!